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NewAir I.B.® Nano

NewAir I.B.® Nano

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NewAir I.B.® Nano is a compact inflator designed for businesses that need maximum product protection with Bubble Wrap IB™ on-demand cushioning in non-industrial settings. It’s designed at a space-saving size and a price point that fits most budgets.

By combining void fill and damage reduction within the same easy-to-use system, NewAir I.B.® Nano saves space, time, and money for low-throughput operations.  Weighing just 25 pounds, it can fit on most tabletop surfaces and be moved when and where it’s needed.

No training is needed to set up and run the NewAir I.B.® Nano inflator, which makes it a good choice for ship-from-store operations where retail sales employees often have to pack online orders for shipping. The system offers a precise and consistent workflow and replaces the need to stockpile bulky packaging materials.

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