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FasFil® Mini Paper 15" X 1,600' Single Ply Paper FF30#

FasFil® Mini Paper 15" X 1,600' Single Ply Paper FF30#

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Designed for flexibility and ease of use.

 The FasFil Mini is a convenient package to ship and then dispense void fill paper.  Essentially the shipping container or carton can also function as a dispenser.  The carton is designed with engineered tear out sections for the quick and easy access to the packaging paper material.

The carton is also designed to be used with the FasFil M paper dispenser.  Just remove the tear out section on the FasFil Mini carton and place the entire carton onto the FasFil M dispenser.

Once the void fill paper is depleted the entire FasFil Mini carton can be recycled in mixed paper collection streams.

FasFil® fanfold paper material is made from 100% recycled content, responsibly sourced and carries SFI certification. It can be recycled with mixed paper. Additionally, the fiber is 100% renewable and all production scrap is reclaimed.


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