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FasFil® 1500 Paper Void Fill System (Table mounted)

FasFil® 1500 Paper Void Fill System (Table mounted)

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Sealed Air’s innovative FasFil® 1500 paper void fill system delivers a perfect solution for small-cell packing stations. This system makes paper loading easier and is specifically designed to prevent paper jams.

The simple footswitch operation and digital length control delivers continuous, customized lengths. The Cut and Hold function continuously produces paper output to keep up with the pace of the packer.

FasFil® fanfold paper material is made from 100% recycled content, responsibly sourced and carries SFI certification. It can be recycled with mixed paper. Additionally, the fiber is 100% renewable and all production scrap is reclaimed.

*Shipping and taxes are not included in the product price 

*This system requires a 3 year consumable agreement with Sealed Air.  This document will be sent via DocuSign at the point of purchase and must be executed prior to equipment shipment.

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