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Instapak iMold®

Instapak iMold®

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The Instapak iMold® system combines the superior protection and repeatable, predictable performance of engineered cushions with the efficiency of automation. This level of automation for onsite production has only been available to high volume customers until now. The iMold® system will automatically create the cushions designed by Sealed Air, for your unique application without an operator. A truly differentiated solution. Say good bye to manual molding processes, long lead times and high MOQ and tooling costs for custom made cushions.


The Instapak iMold® System has a modest footprint and works well in medium to large size customers with decentralized packaging environments. This system is Ideal for our manufacturing customers where primary and secondary packaging may be required across a variety of product SKUs. Do you have a product that you produce in short runs, requiring protection? Do you release new product variations regularly and struggle with new packaging requirements? Are Engineered end caps, corners or pads needed? Sealed Air and The iMold® may be the smart choice for your operation.



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