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Instapak SpeedyPacker Insight®

Instapak SpeedyPacker Insight®

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Intended for high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker Insight® system. The system quickly delivers cost-effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage-free package. Capable of delivering up to 21 Instapak® foam-filled cushions per minute, the SpeedyPacker Insight® system can easily keep up with the highest throughput operations.

The SpeedyPacker® is fast and can be programmed to produce foam-filled bags from 6" - 60" with varying amounts of foam fill. It can also be programmed to produce Continuous Foam Tubes. The entire family of Instapak® protective foams are available in all container sizes. Two models are available, a Benchtop system and a Floor Model version that is ideal for over-convey use for the ultimate in speed and packaging efficiency.

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